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Learning Services

Individualized Supports for  All Unique Learners

Academic Evaluations

Standardized, nationally normed assessments providing data-driven big-picture understanding of client's learning profile and  individualized needs.

Specialized Instruction

 Data-driven academic interventions deliberately designed to accelerate the client's present levels of academic functioning.

Parent Coaching & Advocacy

Collaborative partnership to educate, empower, and guide parents through navigation of school and community settings to ensure child's unique needs are addressed.

Educational Consultation

Individualized sessions based on the client's unique needs.

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Elisabeth Laatsch, M.Ed.

BA. Elementary Education

M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction and Special Education

Certified Elementary and Special Education Teacher with 17 years teaching in several public schools with various teaching roles 

Every learner is unique and deserves to be understood and supported.  I run Intentional Learning Services using a heart-centered approach where clients are valued, heard, and empowered.  Feeling safe, respected, supported and understood are words used to describe my approach.  My passion, empathy, and expertise provide my clients with invaluable services that are often hard to come by.

Together, let's take the next step today to ensure tomorrow provides you with clarity, solutions, and hope.


"Our elementary school-aged daughter has a dyslexia diagnosis and Elisabeth has helped our family navigate this new territory with everything from better understanding her diagnosis to helping her study more efficiently to advocating special needs with the public school system.  Elisabeth uses an amazing Orton-Gillingham method to help all learners with literacy.  My daughter's reading (and math) scores have improved since working with Elisabeth, but more importantly, there is less anxiety around learning.  Above all, my daughter is comfortable with Elisabeth who is a good listener, is kind and is encouraging to my daughter."

Angie K. ~ parent

"Elisabeth is an expert at using student data to plan a course of action for academic improvement in all subject areas. She is innovative and focused on improving student achievement. She truly represents and models the vision of inspiring all students to think, to learn, to achieve, and to care. She is passionate about helping all children succeed and she has the ability to motivate others to always strive for excellence."

Scott S. - School Principal

"Elisabeth has the ability to work with numerous personalities while keeping the needs of the students as the primary motivation. She has developed relationships with her students while holding them to her high expectations for both learning and behavior." 

Lisa L. - School Psychologist